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Over 20 Years of Quality!

Luciano's journey into the world of antique furniture restoration is not just a career path but a rich legacy passed down through generations. Inspired by his father's expertise and dedication, Luciano inherited not only the technical skills but also a profound passion for preserving the beauty and heritage of antique pieces.

His formative years at the School of Art and Restoration in Bari provided the foundation upon which he would build his mastery. Under the guidance of esteemed mentors and through hands-on experience, Luciano honed his craft, refining his techniques and deepening his understanding of historical restoration methods.

The opportunity to work in renowned artisan shops across Puglia and Piemonte further enriched Luciano's expertise, exposing him to diverse styles and approaches within the world of restoration. Each experience contributed to his development as a master craftsman, shaping his unique artistic sensibility and meticulous attention to detail.

In 1996, Luciano took a bold step forward by establishing his own business in Polignano a Mare, a testament to his confidence in his abilities and his commitment to preserving the tradition of Italian craftsmanship. From this picturesque coastal town, he continued to uphold the standards of excellence set by his predecessors while infusing his work with a personal touch.

Despite the distance from his native Italy, Luciano remains deeply connected to his cultural heritage, infusing his work with Italian methods and aesthetics. His dedication to authenticity and quality has earned him a reputation as one of the finest artisans in his province, revered for his expertise in restoration, gold leafing, engraving, carving, and inlaying.

As an immigrant to the United States, Luciano has embraced the opportunity to share his expertise and passion with a new audience, enriching American culture with the timeless artistry of Italian craftsmanship. His clients recognize not only the skill and precision of his work but also the spirit of creativity and dedication that infuses each piece.

To be hailed as the "Michelangelo of furniture restoration" by a client is a testament to Luciano's exceptional talent and the profound impact of his work. Through his dedication and artistry, he continues to honor his heritage, enriching the lives of those who appreciate the beauty and history embodied in every restored piece.

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